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About the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund


The mission of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund (Arts Fund) is to contribute to the vibrancy of the arts and cultural sector in Waterloo Region. It does this by promoting, encouraging and providing support to arts organizations and individual artists.

The goal is to benefit the citizens of the Region of Waterloo.

Areas that the Arts Fund will support includes all performing (theatre/dance/music/opera), visual and literary arts as well as film, video, new media, etc.

The 14-member board is responsible for allocating funding provided by Regional Council on an annual basis.


“We are very grateful to the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund for their support. We have realized in order to hold a positive cultural event of this nature in this region it is not possible without grant support.”

“The Arts Fund was the first grant I ever applied for. I liked the invitational concept of 'make art happen' and the two stage process. As a result of the grant and the project it sparked, I received a travel grant from the Canada Council… This is a direct result of the initial grant from the Arts Fund.”

“We are absolutely thrilled with the way the Arts Fund has made possible this very exciting and excellent expression of our work.”

“I would like to thank the Region of Waterloo ARTS FUND for its support…Your mission of building up and sustaining the arts in this community is greatly appreciated by me as an artist, and is extremely worthwhile and beneficial to the overall community.”

“I was able to have three years of my artistic production professionally documented and edited so that I can apply for exhibition, residency, and fellowship opportunities.”

“Through the generous support of the Arts Fund those who participated discovered not only something about themselves, but something about the arts community...”

“More than 5,000 people visited the show and generated a lot of interest and contacts for the artists. If I have to quantify the estimates, I would say it is doubled what we expected. With the support from Arts Fund, we have doubled the artist participants, too.”

“Certainly, funding from RWAF made a significant contribution to this project.  Thank you so much!  Of note, I have recently been awarded a 2010 AOC Emerging Artist Grant.  These are very hard to secure.  My track record of exhibitions and regional funding, I feel, has substantiated my position as an artist of potential on the Canadian art scene.  Thank you again for your support of my work!”

“...thank you for awarding us the funds to enable us to produce the CD as outlined in our application. We appreciate the feedback regarding the website and the broadcasting of the CD. This award has created a tremendous level of excitement within the group and we are looking forward to presenting you with a finished CD...”

“We would like to extend our thanks for your contribution to the project…Through your support, the project provided an enriching experience for the youth involved in the workshops, the mentors who ran the program, and the community at large.  In particular, the youth…were able to explore creative outlets for their energy, showing the community their value as productive members of society.”

“THANK YOU SO MUCH! For this timely assistance and for your ongoing strategic support of Regional artists. Meaningful grants provided by the Arts Fund facilitate significant project development in local culture.”

“Overall, the grant was indispensable in allowing me to accomplish my intended project and I am continuing to seek new venues both locally and nationally to exhibit the paintings.”

“Through the support of the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund my crew and I were able to maintain full creative control over the project, producing a truly unique window into the world of amateur radio.”

“Students were exceptionally responsive to master classes and left inspired to create.  We exceeded our artistic expectations.  We feel the programming enriched many in the region, particularly students and emerging artists.”

“This award has created a tremendous level of excitement within the group…on behalf of the Guild, thank you for supporting us in this venture.”

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