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How to Apply

The Arts Fund's aim is to make the process of applying for funds as straightforward as possible, and to provide meaningful grants. Here you will find all the information and downloads you need to submit an application:

We invite you to explore the site for answers to your questions, and check out the Frequently Asked Questions. If you still can't find what you want, you can get in touch at Contact Us.

Throughout the year, volunteers who are current and past Board members hold information sessions on grantsmanship, and are available to answer general queries. Please visit Upcoming Deadlines for details on dates and locations.

Peer-to-Peer Support for Application Submissions

The Arts Fund aims to make the process of applying for funds as straightforward as possible and to provide meaninful grants, and are offering Peer-to-Peer support for help in navigating the application process. For more information, please review:

Please note: It is very important that both first-time and experienced applicants review the latest version of the guidelines before completing the application form. Guideline instructions may change from time to time and will be noted in the Application Guidelines document.

The Arts Fund has implemented a two-stage application process:

Stage 1: The Basics

All applicants are invited to submit information as outlined on the application form.

Stage 2: The Details

Only those applicants from Stage 1, who are shortlisted, are invited to complete and submit the more detailed Stage 2 application form.

To get started, please find more information at:

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