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Are you planning to apply to the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund? If so, you should know that the Arts Fund is making the leap to a one-stage online application in time for our Fall 2020 (October 16th) deadline!


*** Access the new online application ***


Arts Fund Online Application


No more staggered two-stage process. No more printers, paper, stamps, or hunting down a stapler. No need to mail 15 copies of your application. You can complete and submit the entire form online.



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Individual artists or arts organizations will find all the information needed to apply for an

Arts Fund grant. Applicants must live and/or work in Waterloo Region to apply.


The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund is a not-for-profit corporation established by the

Regional Municipality of Waterloo. The Arts Fund was created to operate at arm's length

from the Regional Municipality which provides an annual per capita allocation to grant

funding for the performing, visual and literary arts. 


The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund has contributed to the vibrancy of the arts and

cultural sector in Waterloo Region since 2002.  All citizens of the Region, in all seven

area municipalities benefit from the creative projects funded by the Arts Fund. 


Since its inception, the Arts Fund has supported over 550 artist-led projects.
For more see Testimonials and Press Releases, including the latest Fall 2019 grants.




































Michele Braniff storyteller


Michele Braniff

       she haunts this place

Button Factory Arts 2014



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The Region of Waterloo Arts Fund evaluates applications twice each year in Spring and Fall rounds.  At each stage,
decision notification letters will be mailed to both successful and unsuccessful applicants.


Fall Applications:  
Deadline for Fall 2020 applications is October 16, 2020.  All online applications must be submitted by 11:59 p.m. through the online application portal.

**  Note that application guidelines have changed! **

Please visit How to Apply for Application Guidelines on how to access and fill out the application forms.

For complete information on deadlines, please visit the Upcoming Deadlines page. 





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About the Fund   Before You Apply   How to Apply   Downloads

About the Fund

We strive to contribute to

the vibrancy of the arts and cultural sector throughout

Waterloo Region.
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Before You Apply

We aim to make the process of applying as straight

forward as possible, and to provide meaningful grants.
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How to Apply

For Application Guidelines, other essential reading and where to find help

before you submit
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Visit our Downloads page where you can find the

application forms,

promotions and logo files.
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The 15/150 Grant
2017 was the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund's 15th anniversary.

The 15/150 Grant marked two special anniversaries in 2017: the Arts Fund's 15th anniversary of Making Art Happen and Canada's 150th anniversary.

More about the six projects that received this special one-time only funding

Plus the latest videos here:  15/150 GRANT HERE


Find samples of What's Upcoming and full details about the most recent Arts Fund grant recipients in Press Releases here: 



Plan ahead! Find out when the Spring and Fall Deadlines are here: