The Infinity Tunnel. Photo Credit: Cory Bluhm


Congratulations on receiving an Arts Fund grant.

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Once your project is approved for funding, a Grant Agreement between the Arts Fund and the grant recipient will be prepared. This is a legally binding document governing the terms and conditions of the grant. Individual artists and authorized organization personnel are responsible respectively for upholding the agreement. For a partnership or an unincorporated body, whoever signs is personally responsible.



A Sense of Place - St. Jacobs Country

Photo credit: Matt Borland

A Sense of Place- St. Jacobs Country

Inter Arts Matrix  2015



    As a condition of the funding, you are required:
  • to fulfill the project described in the application submission and in accordance with the Grant Agreement as approved by the Fund;
  • to obtain written consent in advance from the Fund if you propose to make any substantive changes or modifications to the project;
  • to complete the project as described within twelve (12) months of the date of the agreement letter unless an extension is requested in writing and granted by the Fund;
  • to ensure the public recognizes the support of the Regional Municipality and the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund, all organizations and individuals receiving funding are required to include prominent credit for Arts Fund support in public announcements, media releases, websites, and at special events. Standard versions of the Arts Fund logos are available to download.   
  • to submit a final report within two (2) months of the completion of the project detailing the outcome of the project to the Fund. The report will include Actual amounts in the Budget Summary form as provided in the application form. Failure to submit a final report constitutes a breach of the Grant Agreement and repayment of that portion of the grant amount that has been disbursed is immediately due and owing.


Download the Final Review Report Form


The Arts Fund releases ninety percent (90%) of the total grant amount to the grant’s authorized representative within thirty (30) business days of receipt of the signed Grant Agreement and an Electronic Funds Transfer (EFT) form. The remaining ten percent (10%) of the grant amount is held back and only released once the project has been completed and the Final Report is received, reviewed and approved by the Final Report Review Committee. Under no circumstances does the amount paid to the grant recipient exceed the grant amount.