The Infinity Tunnel. Photo Credit: Cory Bluhm


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The Arts Fund’s board members are also artists who live and work in Waterloo Region.

Many have been applicants and recipients of Arts Fund grants and have been

through the process themselves.

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Members of the Board of Directors are prohibited from directly providing assistance with any aspect of grant application preparation

because of a Conflict of Interest policy. It is important that all applicants have an equal opportunity to apply for funding.


Experienced applicants suggest, in no particular order:

  • Leave yourself plenty of time to pull everything together
  • Have a clear vision of your project
  • Ensure your project is in the correct application round
  • Read the Application Guidelines and follow the instructions
  • Know and meet the deadline
  • Ask for help
  • Keep an up-to-date CV and bio ready for any occasion
  • Keep copies of your submission
  • Ensure your budget adds up correctly
  • You prepared the correct number of copies
  • Your website links work properly
  • You answered the questions asked
  • Remember to sign your application
  • Collate and prepare your application package as directed
  • Submit by mail, courier or hand deliver

 The Arts Fund does not provide comment or feedback about any grant application evaluations and/or funding decisions.