The Infinity Tunnel. Photo Credit: Cory Bluhm


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The intention of the Arts Fund is to provide meaningful grants. The Regional Municipality of Waterloo currently allocates funds annually to the Region of Waterloo Arts Fund.


As a result of recommendations from our Imaging Equitable Futures work, change is coming to our application process. When you apply, you will be asked to identify either as an emerging or established artist; or as an emerging or established organization or collective

  • Emerging Artists can apply for up to $10,000
  • Established Artists can apply for up to $7,500

In every grant cycle, requests for funding far exceed funds available. To date, the Arts Fund has supported more than 800 projects involving local individual artists and arts organizations for a total community investment of more than $4 million.


According to data compiled from the review of required Final Reports, funding investment by the Arts Fund has had a positive economic and cultural impact on the whole community. Often an Arts Fund grant has the effect of securing additional financial support such as other grants, sponsorships, sales revenue, etc. and has stimulated business activity related to or in the vicinity of arts events.



For a list of grants by year, amount and numbers of projects, go to Grant History


If you are a previous Arts Fund grant recipient, please see also Who Can Apply?



Previous grant recipients are eligible to make an Arts Fund grant application if prior grant files are in good standing and if project Final Reports have been submitted, reviewed and approved. If you need confirmation before proceeding, see Contact Us.